Make An Impact through Man Made Reefs.

About us

We have more than 20 years of experience of both nature made and man made coral reefs, ranging from smaller test reefs to full size ocean-based reefs. We can make man made reefs come true only because we have extensive knowledge and experience on how and where a reef should be located, placed and seeded to get it to prosper and grow. Although reefs like it best where it’s warm (within the 20 Celsius isotherm, just as we do) they can be constructed anywhere. There is no limit to the possible ocean locations around the world where a man made reef can be placed and hence no limit to the positive effects they could bring. Join us on our unique quest to improve the environment whilst making a positive social impact where it is most needed, make a Man Made Reef!

Contact us

Mikael Odell, CEO and Founder
Mobile +46 708 286 456

Per Wallin, Marketing Director
Mobile +46 76 761 11 86